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Successfully Held International Symposium on Urban Land Use, Transport, Environment and Finance

  • Time: 2014-07-14 10:26:00
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The International Symposium on Urban Land Use, Transport, Environment, and Finance was successfully held on July 12-13, 2014. It was chaired by Dr. Zhi Liu, director of Peking University- Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy (PLC). Within the two days, many scholars both at home and abroad thoroughly discussed issues related to urban land use, transport, environment and finance.
On urban land use issues, Professor Geoffrey Hewings from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign applied the model of regional economy to discuss complicated interactions within metropolitan economy and analyze the impacts that the land use regulation has on the distribution of economic space; Professor George CS Lin from Hong Kong University focused on the power relation between central and local governments from the perspective of political economy and analyzed China's land development through its urbanization process in the view of capital operation; Professor Dennis Yehua Wei from University of Utah summarized China's economic transition from globalization, marketization, and decentralization and clarified China's urban expansion by synthesizing institutional economics, new economic geography, and evolutional economic geography. Professor Canfei He and Professor Xinqiao Ping from Peking University provided insightful commentary for the presenters at the end of the session.
Concerning urban transport, Professor Genevieve Giuliano from University of Southern California introduced her research on urban freight issues in metropolitan areas, and analyzed effectiveness and applicability of current policies; Professor Qing Shen from University of Washington discussed travel mode choice of the residence near subway stations in the suburbs using Shanghai as a case study; Assistant Professor Lunyu Xie from Renmin University presented his study of the commuting patterns of residents in governmental housing based on Comprehensive Traffic Survey Data in 2010 and compared it with that of ordinary citizens. Professor Shunfeng Song from University of Nevada and Professor Lanlan Wang from Central University of Finance and Economics made wonderful comments to the presenters of the urban transport session.
Regarding urban environment, Professor Matthew Kahn from UCLA presented his study of urban housing prices that reflect the negative impacts induced by urban air pollution and used hedonic pricing model to estimate pricing elasticity of demand for clean sky in Beijing; Professor Siqi Zheng from Tsinghua University used Beijing as a case study to discuss the impacts that traffic restriction, purchase restriction of motor vehicles, and parents' dropping off and picking up their children have on traffic congestion and air pollution; Professor Jintao Xu from Peking University analyzed air pollution in Beijing from a regional perspective and pointed out that to improve Beijing's air quality needs joint action of the cities and provinces around. Hua Wang, researcher from Center for Policy Studies of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Professor Ming Zhang from Wuhan University made brilliant comments about each of the urban environment presentations.
With respect of urban finance, Professor Yanyun Man from Indiana University Bloomington introduced international experience of property tax and the problems encountered by the pilot programs in China and she pointed out that property tax will be one of the main resources of China's local government revenues and a financing tool for urban development; Professor John Mikesell from Indiana University led a research team to study the relation between the investment on China's urban infrastructure and economic growth; Professor Weiping Wu from Tufts University analyzed the capital market in the China's urban infrastructure investment and financing from the standpoint of foreign institutional investors. At the end of the session, Associate Professor Yang He from Central University of Finance and Economics and Professor Xinye Zheng from Renmin University made wonderful comments.
The trainees from the PKU-Lincoln Center’s summer advanced training course attended the symposium as well. All the attendees and trainees listened carefully to the keynote speeches and reports delivered by the experts and lively discussed with them. It was concluded that the attendees felt that they had learned a lot from the two-day symposium.