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[Lecture Notice] Evolution of Planning Act in the United Kingdom

  • Time: 2014-08-15 12:46:00
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Topic: Evolution of Planning Act in the United Kingdom

Lecturer: Dr. Malcolm Tait, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Sheffield UK
Time: 2:00 PM, August 21, 2014
Venue: Classroom 204, Science Building, Peking University
Brief introduction: This lecture introduces the main structure and historical roots, as well as the summary of the successful experience of land development control, development right restriction, and land value increment capture. The way that the United Kingdom (UK) carries out land use and land development control is unique in the world and it closely relates to its administrative and legal background. In the UK, to examine and approve land development right, not only national law is needed, but also the judgment of land development lawsuits throughout history. The 1947 Urban and Rural Planning Act prescribes that all the land development requires approval from the government, the land owners must apply for planning permission from the government; after issuing planning permission, the governments collect land value increment tax as well. To collect land value increment tax is always controversial, but later various legal means turned up to use land development increment value to pay the infrastructure construction.
[note] This lecture is delivered in English.