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       To a large extent, the modern rise in living standards and material conditions has come at the cost of our environment and natural resources. Environmental problems - such as pollution, ecological damage, resource scarcity, and global climate change - have begun to seriously jeopardize the survival of humanity. Over half of the world’s population lives in cities, consuming 75% of the world’s natural resources and producing 75% of the world’s waste. As the world population becomes increasingly centralized in large cities and natural resources continue to be consumed, finding a way to ensure sustainable development and halt environmental degradation in cities and their surrounding areas have become one of the pressing issues of this generation.

The PKU-Lincoln Center is committed to promoting research into environmental protection and sustainable development in China. With this in mind, the Center has begun comprehensive research and in-depth discussion into topics relating to land use, urban development, environmental taxes, and environmental policy. Moreover, the Center has been active in bringing together relevant experts and officials to discuss the current state and the future outlook of China’s environment and sustainable development.