Urban Development & Planning

       Urban planning is a fundamental part of the development and management of cities, as well as a prerequisite to ensuring the reasonable use of land and integrated development. Rapid urbanization has led to the explosive growth of Chinese cities and their populations. In terms of city planning, infrastructure, land management, and transportation, this urban sprawl presents an enormous challenge. In order to continue urban development and ensure economic growth, urban planning must be used to determine the nature, scale, and direction of China’s urban development. Efforts must also be made to use land sensibly and coordinate the spatial layout of urban areas, thereby avoiding rampant and uncontrolled urbanization.

The PKU-Lincoln Center is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of China’s cities. It focuses on the principles of urban planning, support systems, smart urban growth, urban landscapes, transportation systems, and spatial distribution. To make this possible, the Center has brought together experts, academics, and officials from both China and abroad to share their experiences and research and put forth new academic perspectives and policy proposals.