Land Policy

         Land is one of the critical factors shaping a country’s economy and society. Since Reform and Opening began three decades ago, far-reaching reform has taken place in an effort to build a modern land system regulated by law and policy. Despite these achievements, China continues to face a host of associated land policy issues that will fundamentally impact the trajectory of its future urban development and economic growth, including strengthening urban property rights and defining rural land rights, land expropriation and the public good.  

With a new revision of China’s basic Land Management Law anticipated in the near future, land-related issues remain at the forefront of China’s policy agenda and there is an urgent need for more quality analysis to help inform the ongoing debate. Through research and training activities, the China Program and the PKU-Lincoln Center continue to address issues such as land expropriation, land use efficiency, land-use planning, land conservation, urban expansion and sprawl, property rights, land and social welfare, and land and the environment.