About PLC

 The Peking University - Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy (PKU - Lincoln Center) was jointly established on October 9, 2007 by Peking University and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Beijing. The Center conducts policy research and provides expertise and training on issues and challenges surrounding China’s rapid urbanization, land policy, and public finance.

Original Research
The PKU - Lincoln Center’s main areas of focus include property taxation, local public finance, land policy, housing policy, urban development and planning, and sustainable development and environmental policy.

  Equipped with the superior research capabilities of Peking University and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the PKU - Lincoln Center uses an interdisciplinary approach and its access to a global network of prominent scholars in a variety of fields to engage in comprehensive, data-based empirical study and policy research.

Scholarly Dialogue
The PKU - Lincoln Center maintains close relationships with universities, government agencies, and other organizations by organizing numerous international symposia and roundtable seminars.

  Since the end of 2012, the Center will have already held over 30 international and domestic seminars that have drawn in over 1000 participants and covered a diverse range of issues, including: local public finance and property taxation; revisions to China’s land use and Land Administration Law; low-income housing and housing policies; urban transformation and sustainable development; the improvement of urban transportation systems; green cities; and environmental taxation.

  The Center has also provided sponsorship for several researchers to attend global academic conferences in places such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., the United States, Cape town, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Kyoto, Japan. This allows the Center to share the findings of its most recent research, and at the same time establish strong academic ties between Chinese scholars and their counterparts across the world.

Capacity Building

  The Center draws on the Lincoln Institute’s extensive experience and research abilities to conduct targeted professional training programs for professors, researchers, and government officials at every level. The PKU - Lincoln Center also sponsors and designs a variety of pilot programs in order to facilitate the government’s work in the promotion and application of new technologies.

  The Center also hosts a “Training the Trainers” program annually, which has brought in over 500 participants since 2007 with the curriculum focused on such issues as urban planning, public finance and property taxation, and urban economics. Moreover, the Center has recorded and translated these seminars into free online courses for public use in the Center’s Online Education Courses platform. .

  The Center’s Lincoln Forum - Distinguished Speakers Series, which has been successfully held for 30 times, regularly welcomes distinguished international speakers to lecture on vital topics like planning support systems, fiscal federalism and decentralization in the US, and the effects of the global financial crisis on public finances in the U.S.

In order to encourage more scholars to study land and urban policy issues, the Center has established several scholarship programs including dissertation, research and undergraduate fellowships, as well as visiting fellowships for distinguished international scholars. Since 2007, the Center has supported more than 160 scholars and students.

Knowledge Sharing
To promote further access to research findings, the Center has established a diverse portfolio of publishing projects, including working papers that can be accessed for free online, as well as topical research compilations, thesis anthologies, foreign language translations of published works, and professional curricula practicum materials. Using a combination of traditional print media and online electronic media, the Center is able to offer academic and policy research materials to the broader public in China.

  Since its foundation, the Center has made great progress in a variety of fields. In five years’ time it has published over 200 working papers and over 30 special research reports, as well as compiled and translated 14 books.

The Center has worked continually with government bodies such as the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR), the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), the State Administration of Taxation (SAT), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of Transport (MOT),and the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) to design and launch multiple demonstration programs, all while providing technical training and support to these government agencies’ executive officers.

  Since its establishment, the Center has received strong support from Peking University, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the knowledge and wisdom of many distinguished scholars, and all other partners around the world. The Center will continue to work on serving as a bridge across countries, institutions, and disciplines, striving for a new model for educational and research institutions in China to study high-quality and independent policy issues from a combination of disciplinary approaches.